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Your company has been cited by OSHA. Now What?

OSHA Citation negotiation, Informal Conferences

Consolidated Risk Management, Inc. can work with you to: 

-Understand the citations (willful, serious, other-than-serious, de minimis, failure to abate, and repeat citations;

- Timelines and Deadlines for response;

- Informal Conferences;

- Negotiations with OSHA regarding citations, penalties, and abatement date(s); and 

- Corrective Action(s) to abate hazards.

Why is this Important?

- Provides a safe workplace for employees;

- Control costs by preventing accidents;

- Comply with Regulatory standards and requirements; and

- Cost considerations (see below).

Type of Violation




Posting requirements

$13,653 per violation

Failure to Abate

Willful or Repeat

$13,653 per day beyond the abatement date

$136,532 per violation

Maximum Penalty Amounts for penalties assessed after January 15, 2021.

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