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Foundries, both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, present special inherent work hazards that must be controlled and meet regulatory, safety, and health compliance standards.

Work Conditions

Foundries present hazardous work conditions that need a systematic appraisal of hazards, which can include personnel, operating systems and methods ,the physical environment, equipment, etc.

The various processes of pattern development, core making, stowing, blowing and shooting, as well as mould manufacture, alloying and refining, maintenance of furnaces and ladles, poring operations, casting knockouts, abrasive work, sand reclamation, dressing of casting, material handling, and more yield a very hot, noisy and potentially dangerous environment.

Workers can be expose to fire, heavy machine operation, elevated work surfaces, molten metal spills, back sprains, high noise levels, burns, eye injuries, metal fumes, hazardous dusts, welding and equipment accidents. 

The professionals at Consolidated Risk Management, Inc. provide the necessary workplace consultation, program development, safety audits, and employee safety training needed to reduce workplace exposure and accidents.

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