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Consolidated Risk Management, Inc. can provide insurance company underwriting surveys and reports -- All Coverages

Insurance Company Underwriting Inspections and Surveys conducted for all Lines of Coverage

UW Inspection reports can be completed using insurance company form and format, or the CRM Inc. form and format for reports. 

- Property Coverage

- Workers Compensation 

- General Liability 

- Fleet Coverage

- Business Interruption Coverage

- Products Liability 

- Umbrella Coverage

                                    Re-inspection and recommendation compliance checks for existing insured's.

CRM Inc. also can complete New York State Industrial Code Rule 59 re-inspections for Insurance Companies,  (unless we completed the original NYSICR59 Assessment).   This provides a cost-effective resources for insurance companies to complete the necessary re-inspections on a timely basis.  

RUSH services can be provided for underwriting surveys. Underwriters can have direct contact with our field service staff in order to increase efficiency and provide the turnaround time required by the carrier.

We can provide flat fees for underwriting surveys, or a competitive hourly rate.

Loss Analysis

Loss Analysis can be conducted for a particular insured when requested by the insurance company, for Loss Prevention Purpose. The analysis will identify trending of incidents and accidents, and recommended program implementation to reverse escalating frequency and severity of incidents.

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