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Consolidated Risk Management, Inc. has on-staff consultants certified and approved to conduct the New York State Industrial Code Rule 59 Assessments.

Contact us for competitive pricing and scheduling. 

Code Rule 59

The New York State Industrial Code Rule 59  requires a comprehensive safety and loss prevention consultation and evaluation for an employer with:

  • An annual payroll of over $800,000

  • A workers' compensation experience modification rating of more than 1.20

Why did you get the letter from the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board? 

The New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board (NYCIRB) issues notices to employers that must participate in the program. You can visit the Rating Board's web page for more information about how they determine who receives the notices. After the notices are sent, the Department of Labor is responsible for monitoring and compliance.

Employers that do not follow the law will receive a 5% surcharge on the manual portion of their workers’ compensation premium. The surcharge goes up an extra 5% for each year they do not comply.

Consolidated Risk Management Inc.'s State approved staff can complete the necessary assessment and report.


There is a timeline associated with the response to the letter received identifying the need for the CR59 Assessment, which is based on the date of the letter.   Don't delay, contact us right away.

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