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What Regulations Apply to you and your Business? - Safety, Health, and OSHA Compliance

Learn to keep your workplace safe and in compliance with OSHA's regulations. Are you ready if OSHA arrives at your workplace?

Utilizing this seminar, we will take the guesswork out of OSHA compliance. The program is designed for attendees (owners, managers, and supervisors) to understand the preventive measures necessary to help you maintain a safe working environment and keep your organization up to its required safety standards. 

What is it?

A one-day seminar - covers the latest applicable regulatory information concerning safety, health, and other environmental issues in your workplace. 

Issues covered - the responsibilities necessary for ergonomic controls, hazardous materials, employee threats, mitigation of on-job hazards, blood-borne pathogens, mandated documentation, etc.

The seminars is specially designed for YOUR organization and workplace's safety requirements. 

Program attendees who complete the program will obtain a competition certificate for safety and health compliance.

Class sizes can range from 5-75 people. 

Call (516) 481-1900 for individualized group-rates.

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