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Lockout / Tagout

Consolidated Risk Management, Inc. is dedicated to providing superior training for your employees.. It is important that employees are properly trained in the control of hazardous energy sources. Whether you have electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, gravity, mechanical, or heat operated machines, we can tailor a training program specific to your company's operations.

OSHA Standard Requirements

OSHA developed the lockout/tagout--Control of hazardous energy standard to help prevent injuries during servicing and maintenance of equipment and machinery. The standard, in part, requires development of written programs and unit-specific lockout/tagout procedures. Additionally training is required of both "authorized" and "affected" employees as identified under the standard.

CRM, Inc. can work with you for compliance with this important safety standard.

Our Employee Training in Lockout/Tagout includes:

- A review of the OSHA standard and its purpose;

- Recognition of hazardous energy sources;

- Methods for energy isolation and control;

- Instruction on the purpose and use of energy control procedures;

- Tags and appropriate warning devices; and

- Specific procedures for your company's operations.

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