Workplace Violence Programs: SAVE-T™

Workplace violence is a complex and dangerous occupational hazard facing today's workforce.   The risk is magnified by a lack of training in recognizing and managing volatile and aggressive behavior. Consolidated Risk Management Inc. has developed a unique program to aid in identifying potentially escalating situations which can result in violence, and to utilize a response to de-escalate the aggressive behavior - THE SAVE-T™ PROGRAM

SAVE-T™ was developed with Contributions by Specialists in the field,  and taught by Defensive Tactic Specialists. 

The program has been well received by clients ranging from healthcare facilities to hotel operations. SAVE-T™ was developed with Contributions by Specialists in the field,  and taught by Defensive Tactic Specialists. 

In addition to providing important information in a classroom setting - Our program also provides participants with physical techniques, taught in a workshop environment, should a situation become physical, and the employee is in danger of injury. It is a multi-faceted program incorporating documented risk assessments and recommendations for improvement, lecture/classroom training, and hands-on workshop training. 

In order to be successful, the program was designed to:

1. Conduct a physical assessment of the environment, and identify contributing factors to potential aggression.

2. Conduct employee training in diffusing violence, and thereby avoiding incidents of violence in the workplace. This includes recognizing the signs of potentially escalating violence or aggression, and techniques to aid in diffusing aggression.

3. When all else fails, and a situation becomes physical, the SAVE-T program provides simple physical techniques for self defense.

The SAVE-T program is perfect for: 

- Businesses where staff handle cash;

- Businesses where liquor is served;

- Places where emotions are likely to affect a person's actions, such as hospitals, funeral homes, hotels, etc.; and

- Any business with direct contact with the general public.

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